If Your Video Doesn't Tell A Compelling Story, The Title May As Well Be Star Wars: Episodes I-III

By: Jerrod Saba
Media Producer

Many of us remember the disaster that was the newer Star Wars movies. Produced between 1999 and 2005, these movies were torn apart by fans and critics alike for a number of reasons, including the fact that they were shot digitally and didn’t have the same “feel” as the original blockbusters. In response to this particular criticism, the new production team will be shooting the new Star Wars: Episode VII movie in the old-school 35mm, just like the originals. While this will certainly give the movie a similar “feel” to the originals, one has to hope that they will confront the other glaring error of Episodes I-III: the horribly awkward characters acting out a horribly awkward story. 

It can be argued that the motion picture is one of the art forms that is truly affected by technology due to the fact that the majority of the process relies on cameras, lights, and sound, all of which are products of technology. Many of us have been witness to the evolution of movie production, and the Star Wars movies are an excellent example of that progression from 35mm to digital filmography. Digital cinematography is essentially the staple of movie production, and 3D movies are becoming more mainstream with affordable 3D televisions not far behind.

Yet, even with all of this technological progression over the years, there is one element that is most important and will always be present no matter the format of the film or the special effects, and that is the story. If the story of the newer Star Wars movies could have held up to the story of the originals, they likely would have been far better received by fans and critics, regardless of whether they were 35mm or digital.

If the story isn’t interesting and the characters are not special, you have a flat movie that can’t be saved by anything, including the medium in which it is shot. There are a few rare exceptions where a weak story can be carried by a stunning execution of the visual aspects, but this is not the norm. It is far more often where a breathtaking story completely overshadows the inexpensive production or lack of crazy visual effects.

The same can be said for the videos produced by a marketing company. Anyone can go in and shoot a video promoting a brand or a product, and most media producers can make it visually appealing. If the story is missing, however, no amount of fancy visuals will make it compelling enough to be watched and socially shared. For a truly successful video, no matter the intended audience, be sure that your story is one that is well-thought-out, compelling, and special.